ESA Retail is the leading provider of retail insight services in the UK and Ireland, offering a range of services from price, promotion, space, range, availability and compliance audits through to large scale customer feedback surveys and mystery shopping programmes.

Our core services include:

  • - ESA Retail is the largest provider of in-store information in the UK and Ireland.
  • - we are one of the leading mystery shopping companies in the UK.
  • - we help clients to better understand their customers through a range of customer survey options.
  • - ESA offers a comprehensive range of data collection services, to meet the needs of other agencies.

ESA Retail is a member of the BDRC Group, bringing ESA Retail's services to a wider market as well as introducing BDRC's world class suite of research tools and complementary strengths in analytics and consulting.

What Price Convenience

What Price Convenience

As consumers we would all like to know how much extra we are charged for the convenience of shopping at our local small format stores.

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