The Importance of Brand Recommendation

The Importance of Brand Recommendation

Alongside the experience in store, recommendation from a trusted expert still plays a huge part in influencing the brands that shoppers chose to buy

As shoppers, we make purchasing decisions nearly every day of our lives, and on the majority of occasions, we will make these choices instinctively, safe in the knowledge that we know what we are doing.

These can be as simple as picking up a bottle of water or buying a stamp to post an important letter, and on these occasions our level of consideration and involvement is low, as the consequence of choosing one brand over another is either low or not even an option.

On other occasions, such as doing our weekly grocery shop, we are faced with more choice, and although this adds a slight complication to our decision-making, we are usually comfortable to make a purchase choice based upon our own experience or instincts.

However, there are some purchase decisions that take us out of our comfort zone, make us think, give us the desire to research and require much more involvement. On these occasions, the recommendation of a trusted expert can often be a key factor in the decision we ultimately make.

The purchase of high value items can be such an occasion, and the Consumer Electronics sector is a good example of where brand recommendation in store can play a huge role in the purchase decision of a shopper. Yes, product information and reviews are readily available on line, but add in the dynamic that as humans, we want to see and try products for ourselves, and that product ranges are increasingly large and more often than not you will find a shopper stood at a fixture in a store looking for advice.

This step of the shopper journey is important whether the purchase is then made online or in-store, and understanding where your brand recommendation sits versus the competition, how this varies across different retailers and how this correlates to your sell out can add huge value to your business.

Measuring brand recommendation can allow you to focus your investment, training resources and retail activity to where it is needed most and provides an ongoing metric that can help you to not just measure sales performance, but to understand it in more detail.

At ESA Retail, we recently conducted a wave of mystery shopping to gauge the level of positive sentiment, product demonstrations and  brand recommendation across four key consumer electronics categories within Currys/CPW and John Lewis. 

Here is what we found ..................

Television brand recommendation rates - %

Smartphone brand recommendation rates - %

 Laptop brand recommendation rates - %

 Refridgerator brand recommendation rates - %

For access to a full summary of our findings and further information about how ESA Retail can help you to understand the customer experience and level of brand recommendation at store level, please call 01727 847572 or email 



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