Improve Compliance Standards at the Gateline

Improve Compliance Standards at the Gateline

Maximise return on investment using gate-line compliance mystery shopping.

The morning commute is a daily occurrence for many, as we fight our way through the rush hour traffic at train stations up and down the UK.  And I’m sure that we all know how much our season ticket costs us each month! 

But, did you know that it is a generally accepted figure that between 1% and 2% of train travel is ticketless?  And we don’t mean of the modern smartcard or e-ticket variety.  We mean that 1-2% of travellers don’t have an appropriate ticket for their journey.  This causes a big headache for the Train Operating Companies (TOCS) in the UK and specifically for their revenue protection teams.

When we consider this figure as a percentage of the total ticket revenue in the UK (which was around the £10 billion mark in 2018), this presents a £100-200 million risk for TOCS.

And this is where we may be able to help… Over the past 2 years, ESA Retail have been helping TOCS to drive improvements in their gateline compliance by mystery shopping the gatelines versus some pre-agreed compliance expectations.

Here is what we found when conducting these tests at a variety of stations and incorperating both peak and off peak hours:

·58% of gateline staff didn’t notice that a ticket was out date when presented with it by the mystery shopper

· 34% of tickets were not checked at all (by the way… the tickets were out of date!) when mystery shoppers presented them to a member of staff at the gateline

·30% of gatelines were open and unmanned at the time of assessment

Regular assessments of the gateline will provide you with the information you need in order to focus on the areas that need the most attention.  By improving the levels of compliance, you will be able to demonstrate a clear return on your investment and a reduction in ticketless travel.

If you would like to know more about how ESA Retail could help you to; monitor risk, identify best (and worst) practices across your network and improve compliance standards at the gatelines, then please feel free to get in touch:

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