Mystery Shopping - Why is it still relevant and important?

Mystery Shopping - Why is it still relevant and important?

Intuitively, it makes sense that people spend more money with businesses that offer them a great customer experience. We have seen evidence of this in the mystery shop programmes that we run on behalf of our clients where there has been a correlation between mystery shoppers who gave a high satisfaction rating and those that spent more during their visit.

Your estate through your customer’s eyes versus your specific standards

Mystery shopping has the benefit of providing you with eyes and ears across the estate.  You cannot be everywhere and watch your employees to see how well they are delivering your customer service model all the time.  Measuring this performance using mystery shopping provides a useful tool that enables you to take specific action to improve the customer experience both across the estate but also at local level and with enough detail to relate directly back to your customer service model.  Satisfaction surveys can tell you if customers like or dislike what they have experienced but mystery shopping enables that measurement to be tailored directly back to your expectations of what your offer should look like as opposed to being based on customer perception which may or may not align with your expectations.  It provides an objective assessment of your team and store environment versus the standards that you expect.

Team engagement

There is an adage that "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." - teams that know they are likely to experience a mystery shop are more likely to ensure that every customer receives the best possible experience when any customer could be the mystery shopper that is going to be completing their mystery shopping report.  That brings us right back to our starting point: if our intuition is right that customers receiving a great experience spend more, then there is an immediate return on your investment in mystery shopping.

Improve the efficiency of your training and development effort

While an individual mystery shop report can help local management train and improve team performance in their branch, spotting trends across the estate can inform where training support could offer the most benefit.

So, mystery shopping provides a tool that:

  • Is specific to your standards
  • Helps you invest your training effort more wisely
  • Drives improvement in the customer experience
  • Offers a return on investment if you believe that customers that have a better experience spend more and return more often

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