How Do I Get More Customers?

How Do I Get More Customers?

We often see articles discussing whether a business simply needs more and more customers in order to thrive? Well, no one is going to turn down a new customer…

The real key to success is ensuring that the customers that you already have, return and recommend to their friends, family, colleagues.  So, more customers, but without the advertising costs… you get the idea!

Mystery shopping is great tool to ensure that your standards are up to scratch – and if they’re not, we can help you to focus on your key areas for attention – from national level, all the way down to branch or department level.

Some of the key benefits of a successful mystery shopping programme include:

1.     It provides a clear and objective monitor of your service levels (both people and facilities)

2.     It will help to improve customer retention and advocacy

3.     Employee awareness improves with regards to what is important to the customer

4.     It can provide a key support to ad hoc and/or ongoing promotional activity

5.     Training needs and sales opportunities can be identified at micro and macro levels

6.     It can help to foster positive customer relationships on the shop floor

We’ve been helping our customers to delivery successful mystery shopping programmes for more years than we care to remember - whilst incorporating the latest online technology, to ensure that our reporting is specific and relevant for all stakeholders.

If you want to learn more, or simply just have a chat about what we do, then please do just get in touch:

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