They Say A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

They Say A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

…and that the camera never lies. On our mystery shopping visits, nearly all of the reports are submitted using our ESAMobile smartphone app and that has made using images as part of our mystery shopping reports commonplace. In fact, some of our mystery shops are more akin to photographic compliance audits.

 These days we are used to seeing people with phones in their hands: they are everywhere.  In any public space it is almost certain that you will see someone texting, snapping a photo of their meal for their latest update on social media, taking a selfie or checking their emails.  Or they just might be conducting a mystery shop for one of our clients.

Photographs can show the execution of point of sale in retail, presentation of food and drinks in hospitality outlets, illustrate failings in housekeeping standards in hotels and allow compliance teams to see the documents presented to a customer applying for a mortgage.  We even have programmes where mystery shoppers keep a photo diary of their experiences on holiday.

By using this technology photographs can be embedded in the reports as part of the questionnaire responses allowing the evidence to be presented at the most appropriate place in the report.  From what’s on the menu to how was my caravan when I arrived to what is on promotion, nothing tells our clients quite as much about how things look as a photo: it provides irrefutable evidence of what the mystery shopper saw.

The photograph functionality of our system provides further benefits: they prove that the mystery shopper did complete the visit and where purchases are required provide proof to support reimbursement claims.

The photographs are all held and easily accessed through our secure online reporting system so in addition to the pictures appearing in reports, clients have a photographic library at their fingertips.


So, if you want to see your business through your customers’ eyes, whether you are a shopping mall or a tourist attraction; a supermarket, pub chain or bank – contact us here at ESA Retail and see we can help.

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