ESA Retail provides occasional white papers and commentary on topics relating to customer demand in retail.

  • Lidl v2.0 or Retail Reinvented? Jack's explained

    Lidl v2.0 or Retail Reinvented? Jack's explained

    Tesco made their much-anticipated entry into the discount channel with the opening of the first Jack’s stores in Chatteris and Immingham last month. This was quickly followed by two further locations on Merseyside, with plans for 11 more in the pipeline. Amid strong interest from the trade and public alike, ESA Retail have taken a closer look at the first Jack’s stores to understand how Tesco is responding to the challenge of the European discounters.

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  • The Importance of Brand Recommendation

    The Importance of Brand Recommendation

    Alongside the experience in store, recommendation from a trusted expert still plays a huge part in influencing the brands that shoppers chose to buy

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  • What Price Travel?

    What Price Travel?

    When travelling there is always something we may forget or need for the journey, but as consumers how much more do we pay for the convenience of having essentials available to us whilst en route?

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  • The City and Suburbs Retail Desires

    The City and Suburbs Retail Desires

    The suburbs can often be forgotten when it comes to choosing locations to shop or even considering a potential retail area for business, but ESA’s research into high streets in the London suburbs showed that they attract loyal customer’s spending money regularly who desire to have more of what the City High Streets are offering.

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  • What Price Convenience

    What Price Convenience

    As consumers we would all like to know how much extra we are charged for the convenience of shopping at our local small format stores.

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